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automation solution center


The new modular one-stop maintenance control center.
Individually licensable: pay for what you use.


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automation solution center - the future of data management

automation solution center cockpit modul
  • The Solution Cockpit functions as the central control center and provides you with all necessary information.
  • It is possible to easily integrate numerous modules in the Solution Cockpit from the automation solution center.
  • You can apply filters and customize the view to provide you with detailed information
Automation Solution Center Dashboard
  • The Dashboard and Report modules allow you to create and customize graphical presentations of your data.
  • Simple filter and analysis tools in the form of bar charts, pie charts, and simple reports are also available in these modules.
  • Reports can be saved and exported (e.g. as a PDF file) for external use.


Automation Solution Center License Manager
  • The License Manager contains an overview of your entire license database including details about location, version, and license utilization.
  • The view can be customized thanks to the robust filter and analysis tool.
  • Licenses can be customized and ordered with a single click.
Automation Solution Center module Factory Floor Plan
  • The Factory Floor Plan allows you track all connected devices in a production facility.
  • A visual overview of the factory floor is available and allows you to view where devices are located and quickly provides information about all available devices.
  • You can use it to position POIs, to link tasks, and to display the current status of a device.
Automation Solution Center module Image Service
  • The AUVESY Image Service allows you to create automatic images of Windows PCs and servers.
  • Drive Snapshot is used to restore images.
  • Job scheduling can be carried out independent of versiondog.

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Automation Solution Center Network Scanner
  • The Network Scanner can be used to carry out active and passive scans.
  • During an active scan, the network scanner creates an overview of all devices, computers, and operating systems etc. in a network and sub-network.
  • Information about manufacturers, devices, serial numbers, firmware, and hardware versions is available.
Automation Solution Center module AUVESY Connect
  • AUVESY Connect allows you to connect a wide range of devices (from different manufacturers) with versiondog and other AUVESY services.
  • The API is directly implemented on the device.
  • Devices on which the AUVESY Connect API is implemented can be certified by AUVESY.

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Automation Solution Center module SAP Connect
  • The new SAP Connect interface allows you to connect  the PM and EAM modules with versiondog.
  • Warehouse stock can be called up, material orders triggered and open orders can be viewed.
  • Maintenance tasks can be triggered and details about maintenance orders can be called up.

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Automation Solution Center module EPLAN Connect
  • EPLAN Connect allows you to export data from the EPLAN project to the Solution Center in order to link it with other parts of the automation solution center.
  • You can view plans and devices at any time by opening the EPLAN browser function, eVIEW, in the Solution Cockpit.
  • A detailed display is available in the eVIEW.