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We simplify automation

The world’s leading vendor-independent version control and change management software solution for automated production

We promise data security for all automation devices

Minimize downtime, reduce errors and increase safety in automated environments through better data management

Make a program change you wish you hadn’t? Lose the only copy of the device program? Not sure if the program running is the right one? Need to view device change data, anytime, anywhere? versiondog and AutoSave have you covered.

[Translate to English:] zentrale Datenablage
Centralize data for complete visibility

The central data storage provides you with more control and management of your programs.

Hackerangriffe und Manipulationen: dunkel gekleidete Person vor Monitor
Detect cyberattacks for more security

Detect unauthorized changes to running control programs, enable audit trails and user permissions to improve cyber security.

Reduzierung von Stillstandzeiten: Transportband mit Flaschen
Increase productivity and reduce downtime

Avoid costs due to production downtimes and increase overall equipment efficiency.

Schnelles Disaster Recovery: Facharbeiter mit Tablet vor schweißendem Roboter
Speed up disaster recovery

In case of emergency, you can restore the correct program data at the push of a button.

Our products

More than 2,400 customers worldwide successfully optimize their automation with AUVESY-MDT

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