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White Papers

Get your maintenance processes ready for the future and find out comprehensive information on version and data management, how they differ from each other or how it can help during the different phases of an audit in automated production. Here, you will find an overview of our free downloads


7 Myths

...of version control & backup

This free white paper takes a look at the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding this field. At what point does the use of version control systems that are specifically adapted for automated production start to make sense?

And what are some of the things to watch out for when it comes to choosing the right one?


...in industrial automation

This free white paper explains the best way to approach such an audit, what exactly is involved, and what are some of the potential pitfalls?

How does a data management system help to answer the typical questions arising from process documentation (who, what, where, when and why), and how does this provide a reliable foundation for audit trails?

Version control & backups

...for maintenance departments

The free white paper focuses on the new requirements placed upon maintenance departments.

Want to find out more about how such tasks as backing up data, comparing versions and searching for the latest software version—all of which have been hitherto carried out manually—can now be automated?

IT baseline protection requirements

...fulfill them with help from versiondog

This free guide is aimed at all KRITIS companies dealing with the measures recommended in the IT baseline protection for KRITIS operators.