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Consulting and versiondog services

Are you considering implementing versiondog as a change management solution? Do you already have a versiondog installation and want to extend its scope? Would you like to know how the versiondog system could be integrated into an IoT project? Our system integrators will give you straightforward advice, tailored to your individual circumstances and grounded in years of wide-ranging experience.

Our goal is long-term customer relationships

When we talk about change management, data management, cybersecurity and the IoT, we are not simply going through a list of currently hot topics. We are deeply committed to finding practical ways to optimize processes affected by—and created by—digitalization. Quick fixes are of limited value. Helping you implement a long-term planned and structured change management strategy, and making your maintenance tasks easier, clearer, better interconnected and more predictive is what motivates us. Not just for now, but well into the future.

All services can be carried out on-site or via a remote meeting.

We are happy to advise you and provide you with a custom-made service offer tailored to meet your specific needs.

Services at a glance


  • Update to the latest ver s iondog version
  • Check of clients and agents after update
  • Check of event log before and after update



  • Risk free update done by versiondog experts
  • A voidance of malfunctions after update


  • Check of existing jobs in versiondog for malfunctions & configuration
  • Recommendation for performance optimization




  • Minimization of failed jobs
  • Correction recommendation for failing jobs
  • Recommendation for performance improvements


  • Integration and advice f o r using image jobs:
    • AUVESY Image Service
    • Drive Snapshot



  • Prevention against loss of data
  • Prevention against malware
  • Compliance to security guidelines with availability of images


  • Clarification of the requirements of TIA Portal jobs with versiondog
  • Clarification of the requirements for TIA Portal jobs with versiondog in TIA Portal
  • Help for the correct setup of TIA Portal for data management
  • Configuration of the TIA portal upload
  • Best practice recommendations for a successful TIA portal upload


  • Backup solution for TIA portal projects
  • Know how transfer about TIA Portal configuration
  • Prevention of downtimes by a working backup solution
  • Best practice recommendations from versiondog experts


  • Solutions tailored to customer needs
  • Feasibility study


  • Solution for individual requirements
  • Planned and executed by versiondog professionals

We provide:

  • Implementation of custom reportings
  • Weld spot monitoring for welding robots
  • Integration of new versiondog add-ons
  • Support when creating new jobs
  • Implementation of custom device requirements
  • Implementation of custom features
  • Support and consulation from experienced versiondog experts

We are there to help you!

Helpdesk system for all support-related enquiries


In order to gain a high level of transparency and a clear overview of ongoing support requests, please use our support portal.
We offer a wide range of possibilities including:

  • An overview of submitted requests and their respective status
  • Automatic notification of status changes
  • and much more

Please create your support requests directly via our support portal
You can easily create your own login.

What can we do for you?

We offer competent assistance in finding the solutions you are seeking and will be a dependable partner in their implementation. Contact us now.


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Dr. Thorsten Sögding
Director Customer Services
Tel.: +49 6341 6810-560
Email: Thorsten.Soegding@auvesy.de