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Increase certainty and minimize downtime in automated environments through better data management

versiondog gives you fully documented change management of programming projects and automated backup of running control programs. Benefit from increased productivity, reduced downtime and a complete and comprehensive change history throughout your automation layer.


The number of companies who put their trust in versiondog continues to rapidly increase. This world-beating software system by AUVESY has been implemented in around 1500 production facilities in more than 45 countries.

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Centralize data

for complete clarity

Detect cyberattacks

for more security


Increase productivity

and radically reduce downtime


Speed up disaster recovery

with the right control program version


New version of versiondog


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Discover the many advantages that versiondog can bring to your workspace.

Download your demo version free of charge and test the system extensively with the included sample data and projects for 30 days.

The digital platform for automated production


New: automation solution center

The digital platform provides greater transparency and quality when it comes to automated production, enabling our customers to make quick and better decisions.

Find out first-hand about the advantages, incentives, and prospects – in our video!

versiondog 9.0


versiondog version 9.0 release

The latest released version is always available online in the customer area.

What is new in versiondog 9.0?
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The complete list of all new features and updates can be found online on versiondog INFO under “What's new”.

Hg invests in AUVESY


Hg invests in MDT

MDT will complement Hg’s other investments in industry automation, including sister company AUVESY which, together with MDT, will form a global, reliable and highly innovative partner for customers, setting the standard in the sector.



Automatically integrate new devices into versiondog with the Easy Asset Integrator 

Do you already use versiondog and want to integrate a large number of new devices as components into versiondog? Do you want to create jobs for new and existing components? 
All of this is now automatically possible from versiondog 9.0! 

Test it now!

new versiondog online trainings


New versiondog training courses 2021

All of our training courses can now be booked as virtual courses.

  • New User (engl) 07.09.
  • Administrator (engl) 08.09.-09.09.
  • New User (engl) 23.11.
  • Administrator (engl) 24.11.-25.11.


White paper: The “Firefighting” Mentality in Automation

This white paper will discuss how better data management can transform your industrial automation for increased productivity with fewer problems.

First, it will explore the causes and concerns of a reactive “firefighting” approach to maintenance in automation. Then, it will propose data management tools and best practices to help break these habits.

Asset Inventory Service


Asset inventory at the push of a button

The Asset Inventory Service improves the cybersecurity of your OT ecosystem it contains OT asset identification in the form of an active or passive scan, a network risk analysis as well as the ability to identify vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

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neu Auvesy Benutzer Bericht


Fast service on the high seas 

In order to ensure that oil can be extracted on drilling rigs and ships can leave port, Siemens Energy relies on services like AUVESY’s versiondog software. 

Case study also includes:
Siemens Energy’s three tips for new versiondog users

Hg invests in AUVESY


Hg invests in AUVESY

Hg www.hgcapital.com, a leading global software investor, today announces an investment in AUVESY to support the business’ leading position in the growing industrial automation sector.

versiondog food and beverage production


Food Safety and Cybersecurity

To meet increasing regulatory requirements, food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly relying on automation equipment and its monitoring by industrial control systems (ICS)

But do they also keep an eye on the risks?

Data management for automated production

AUVESY is the global market leader for data management systems and the company behind versiondog, the world's leading version control & data management system for automated production. versiondog provides users with comprehensive support for centralised data management and device backup. Specifically developed for industrial automation and designed to work with all data and automation systems, this solution is acknowledged as the world leader in its field.

AUVESY has a wide range of customers across the industrial spectrum who use this version control and change management software to safeguard PLCs, CNCs, SCADAs, HMIs, robots and field devices. versiondog is the go-to solution for safeguarding data and for disaster recovery.

All users of AUVESY's versiondog software benefit from greater utilisation of plant capacity and a significant reduction of downtime.


Discover why our customers are so enthusiastic about versiondog

Case Studies  I  Industry-Specific Solutions

Siemens Energy AS

Fast service on the high seas

versiondog bei Braas - Stranggepresste und geschnittene Rohlinge


Clay, loam, and automation

versiondog user story TATA Steel

Tata Steel

Using software to refine the process of steel manufacture