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versiondog version 8.1 release

versiondog version 8.1.0 123 is ready for release and available in the customer area on www.my.versiondog.com/home-en.html.

In order to face up to today's challenges, particularly in the area of security, we have made structural changes to versiondog. Furthermore, the new version offers numerous extensions, new functions and optimizations.

versiondog offers the highest possible security, only if you are using the latest version.


What is new in versiondog 8.1.0 123 ?

  • Improvements to safety and stability
  • Optimization of AUVESY Image Service
  • AutoExport reporting function expanded
  • Additional information added to UserClient
  • Integration of Phoenix Contact Managed Switches
  • Contrast-optimized versiondog design        
  • Siemens TIA Portal - LibraryManagement
  • Siemens TIA Portal - optimized and expanded
  • SEW MotionStudio jobs optimized
  • Schneider EcoStruxture Control Expert now supported

The complete list of all new features and updates can be found online on versiondog INFO under “What's new”.

If you have any technical questions, our support team will be delighted to help (Tel: +49 6341 6810 330).