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Best Practice: No PLC forgotten


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems specializes in the construction of axles and its Hambach (Moselle) facility is responsible for the production of Smart front axles and rear axles (including the motor). A Smart car is produced every two minutes and the axles must be delivered accordingly.

Terms of delivery at the Hambach facility are limited to exactly 32 minutes, otherwise the entire production facility will come to a standstill. To prevent this from occurring, thyssenkrupp Automotive uses the data management and version control software versiondog. The decision for versiondog was quickly clear, when the front axle production line came to a stillstand. The actual values of central PLCs were lost during troubleshooting and there was not data backup of the current version of the program available.

For Gilles Gaeng, Technical Manager of Maintenance and IT at thyssenkrupp, it's simple: "The software is in use. There is no reason why we would ever make do without it."


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