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AUVESY  We simplify automation


We are your partner for maximum reliability, minimum downtime, high quality, and safety standards in industrial automation. As the global market leader for manufacture-independent version control and change management software, we provide you with answers to the increasing complexity of the Industrial Internet of Things.

We help you achieve additional efficiency and cost reduction through predictive maintenance and data-based decision making.


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Never stand still

We see our mission as the need to avoid any kind of standstill. Our focus is primarily on today's and tomorrow's customers and markets in order to bring them forward on the path to IIoT. We also however want to move forward and are focused on improving our processes, products and services. 

Kundenbefragung96 % of our customers recommend versiondog*

*Sources: Customer survey 2018-2020

Never stand still – out of conviction, of our own accord.

AUVESY's mission is to make automated production safer, minimize the damage caused by unplanned production downtime, and thus simplify the lives of maintenance staff and enable smooth collaboration. We firmly believe in this!

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Never stand still – in the development of new markets.

With more than 13 years of experience and expertise in numerous industries, AUVESY is excellently positioned to efficiently and purposefully accompany customers worldwide on their way to greater safety in automated production

In addition to our own subsidiary in the USA and in China, we mentor our international customers together with our 45 partners.


Founded in 2007


more than 90 employees


> 1,500 installations


Active in> 45 countries


> 5 Mio versiondog- managed components

Never stand still – for a sustainable economy.

With the help of automatic backup, our customers can in an emergency fall back on a data backup of their complete automated production. This significantly shortens the duration of a production interruption by providing data immediately for a disaster recovery.

85% of our customers say that they increase their production quality with versiondog.



Our management

We are AUVESY!

Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Jesse

Chief Operating Officer


AUVESY was awarded the prize for Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses by the editorial team of FOCUS-BUSINESS in 2020 and ranks among CIOReview’s top 20 IoT!

Never stand still – for more innovation.

We accompany and support companies in their
transformation process towards the Industrial Internet of Things.

In times of disruptive change, we offer security and stability. With versiondog, we have an innovative and constantly developing product in our portfolio that we use to advance
our customers. We see the rapid developments in the automation market as an opportunity that we are actively seizing.

Never stand still – on the way to becoming the market standard.

As the world market leader in data management for automation technology, we are experts in the field.
We have made it our business to identify problems in production processes and make them visible.

Long-standing partnerships have developed with the world market leaders in automation technology. AUVESY maintains relationships with its business partners through mutual exchange and open discussions. Our customers also benefit from this. As a manufacturer-independent software, versiondog serves the complete spectrum of automation technology.

Our technology partners

A strong network is based on constant partnerships.

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Never stand still – for our employees.


We grow because we move. This is how we create jobs and secure a future of our families.

At AUVESY, social responsibility forms an integral part of the corporate strategy. We take responsibility and are highly committed to the environment and society. With our software, resources can be preserved and downtime minimized. This results in fewer rejects and missing parts. AUVESY employees are our most valuable resource, whom we constantly promote and create a working environment for tomorrow today in order to inspire them in the long term.

Our AUVESY values



Innovation sets us apart! By doing so, we work with a healthy dose of pragmatism, have self-confidence and are courageous.



Appreciation, tolerance and honesty characterize us and our actions.



We treat our customers with fairness. Our dialog with them is just as important to us as finding benefit-oriented solutions.



Reliability and transparency characterize our actions. Team spirit and cohesion spur us on. For us, responsibility means assuming and transferring it.

AUVESY Werte Flexibilität


Our aim: Solution orientated. In doing so, we act both dynamically and attentively to changes, continuously reflecting on ourselves and our work and remaining adaptable.

AUVESY Code of Conduct

In line with its corporate mission statement, AUVESY's entrepreneurial activities are based on the core values Pioneering spirit, Integrity, Customer Orientation, Trust and Flexibility, among others, in the aspiration to maintain the company's legal and financial independence, to think and act sustainably, and to assume social responsibility.

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