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System Cockpit


  • Provides a status overview of the versiondog systems
  • Contains all information you require about your systems at a glance
  • Includes the new version of the system dashboard


  • Provides an overview of all available components and their uses
  • Connects components with corresponding information such as jobs, lock status etc.
  • Helps you analyze and optimize component configuration

Job Status

  • Provides an overview of all active and inactive versiondog jobs
  • Gives transparent display of the current status of the last execution
  • Enables interactive filtering and sorting for quick analysis

Job Log

  • Lists all previous job results
  • Uses graphics to display job results (equal, different, error, etc.)
  • Interactive filtering and sorting functions allow you to analyze selected jobs and retrieve execution history

Admin Cockpit


  • Shows all available versiondog users
  • Allows straightforward filtering and sorting when it comes to users and groups
  • Helps support admin


  • Lists all client systems on the system
  • Provides additional information about clients such as the status of operating systems and versiondog client versions
  • Helps you monitor both active and obsolete client systems
  • Supports client during update management


  • Clearly displays information pertaining to available versiondog licenses
  • Provides information on the utilization of existing licenses
  • Helps safeguard the availability and ensures the efficient usage of your versiondog system


Device Management

  • Gives you centralized, single-point management by bringing together key information about devices
  • Enables you to better detect inconsistencies/anomalies by comparing information
  • Provides straightforward integration of new devices into versiondog

Software Inventory

  • Lists software in use at your company (including versions)
  • Provides a straightforward analysis of current firmware & software states and helps strengthen update management
  • Reduces risks of non-authorized software/versions
  • Supports obsolescence management

Asset Inventory Service

  • Displays all assets from the Asset Inventory Service
  • Give you a summary of each individual asset‘s risk assessment
  • Gives you insight into all relevant asset CVEs

Analytics and Insights

  • Enables for detailed and targeted analysis, which in turn increases the safety, efficiency and reliability of your
  • Provides performance monitoring & optimization
  • Improves load balancing by its ability to detect workload peaks
  • Enables targeted root cause analysis and helps reduce time and effort spent on recurring tasks

Log Monitoring

  • Provides essential information about log events at a glance
  • Enables you to track changes in Admin modules
  • Allows you to monitor & analyze your versiondog processes

Factory floor plan

  • Allows you to track and locate connected devices
  • Provides perfect orientation through use of individual floor plans
  • Helps place individual POIs, tasks and other information

AUVESY eAcademy

  • Take a look at a comprehensive list of our virtual training courses
  • Courses include video tutorials with examples, tips and tricks, and ways to resolve errors
  • Introduces new functions and add-ons